Graphic designer & Art director



Branding & motion graphics

Branding package and motion graphic assets created for a Japan  based English speaking Youtube channel and social media presence.

Salty Brie

Branding, illustration & copy

Branding package and illustrated product instructions for an Etsy based decal shop.

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UW Ad-01.png
IKEA back to college ad

Layout Design

Full page ad for the University of Washington newspaper.

It Starts With Food

IKEA Campaign Support

Internal support to get Co-workers involved and excited for an area of business focus.

Cookbook mockup.png
Art & Illustration

Continued improvement

Browse my Instagram and see where I'm at on my path to get better at art and illustraion.


I am Designer with 6 years of experience in Graphic Design working with a large brand and freelancing for smaller brands and individuals.

I enjoy a creative challenge, even when that includes a difficult deadline, complications, or switch-ups. The challenges keep me engaged and the coffee keeps me going! I think there is always room for improvement and every solution should be the best possible, even if that means re-evaluating work already done. I am constantly looking for opportunities to learn and be better at the things I love to do like design, illustration, UI design, watching sci-fi movies, and traveling.

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